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Our mission is to empower local leaders to implement innovative and practical solutions to problems in the criminal justice system. We use an approach that is bipartisan and includes all relevant stakeholders. We are the only nationwide coalition of Black Republicans, Democrats and Independents focused on criminal justice reform. By building bipartisan relationships and hosting solution-focused conversations, we are uniquely positioned to be a convener for criminal justice reform, activating relevant stakeholders to create solutions to injustice at the local level.

Coming Soon! Pictures and Video from the 2019 Second Step Presidential Justice Forum!

2016 Criminal Justice Forum: Seeing Our Way Forward with 20/20 Vision


20/20 Club Founder and Republican Co-Chair Ashley D. Bell provides opening remarks for the 2015 Presidential Justice Forum on November 21, 2015 at Allen University in Columbia, South Carolina. Mr. Bell is a former Hall County Commissioner from Gainesville, Georgia.