The 20/20 Bipartisan Research Institute Fellowship Program

The 20/20 Bipartisan Research Institute (“BRI”) is the research arm of The 20/20 Club*, studying criminal justice policy and systems as they affect persons of color in the United States and abroad.  Each Fellow will enhance their knowledge on criminal justice policies. Fellows will have opportunities to share and exchange information from counterparts around the United States. At the heart of each program are central themes: public service, the power of bipartisanship, collaboration, and concentrated study of criminal justice policies.  

Fellowship Program Fields, Components and Criteria to Participate

Senior Fellow

Senior Fellows must be nominated by a 20/20 Leader.  Qualified persons have a demonstrated track record of commitment to criminal justice reform and/or policies that disproportionately affect the African-American community.

Each Senior Fellow will be assigned up to two of the Policy Focus Areas, and will be responsible for assisting with research and development of same. Each Policy Area will have a team of two Senior Fellows and one Junior Fellow.

Senior Fellows are expected to serve as official spokespersons of 20/20 Leaders of America. They shall do this through activity that furthers the mission such as: 1) public speaking engagements, 2) published, researched white papers, 3) opinion-editorials, 4) letters to the editor, 5) public statements, 5) meetings with elected officials and/or partner organizations and 5) serving as a mentor to Junior Fellows. All Senior Fellows are required to participate in no less than two mission driven activities annually.

The work of Senior Fellows will include but shall not be limited to: 1) six Policy Focus Areas for 20/20, 2) racial justice issues that impact the mission of 20/20 and 3) issues that advance communities of color that impact the mission of 20/20.

Senior Fellowships are appointed to a one year renewable term.


Fellows are key leaders whose support and responsibilities are critical to BRI.  Fellows are key supporters of 20/20 Leaders of America, its mission and initiatives. Fellows are required to provide one meaningful opportunity for the organization. This can be done by providing financial support, introduction to donors, operational support, introduction to collaborative partners and/or research support to BRI.

Fellows are appointed by the CEO to a one year renewable term.

Junior Fellows

Junior Fellows are critical to the success of 20/20 Leaders of America. As a 100% volunteer organization, Junior Fellows will help 20/20 Leaders of America with research and writing and support in the field. The time commitment will be no more than 15 hours per month, all done remotely, depending on the specific project. This Fellowship will provide ample opportunities to work directly with and for some of our most notable 20/20 Leaders. At the conclusion of the six-month term, each Junior Fellow will receive a certificate of completion, be recognized at 20/20 Club events, will be featured on the 20/20 Club website, and will have opportunities to act as 20/20 Club media surrogates.

Junior Fellows shall be college students, graduate students and/or young professionals who are committed to social justice.  Exceptional high school students with a track record of service, academic success, organizational skills and public speaking experience may receive an exception.

Junior Fellows are appointed for a renewable term of six months.

How to Nominate Yourself or Another for a Senior Fellowship

Please send a resume, bio, and a statement of interest/recommendation no longer than 250 words to: Senior Director of Operations Candice Petty at

How to Apply for a Junior Fellowship

Please send your resume, bio, and a statement of interest no longer than 250 words to: Senior Director of Operations Candice Petty at

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is the application deadline? The deadline for the first class of fellows is May 1. 

Is there a cost to participate? Senior Fellows are expected to assist in The 20/20 Club’s fundraising goals and project, but there is no hard dollar ask.

What is the timeline of each program? Once selected, the Fellowship’s one year renewable term will begin.

If I am not selected, may I reapply? Yes.

*20/20 Leaders of America (“The 20/20 Club”) is the premiere bipartisan group of leading Black mayors, city, county and state officials, prosecutors and defense attorneys, political strategists, community leaders, police chiefs and other law enforcement executives whose mission is to fundamentally change the way in which the American political system addresses criminal justice issues – now and in the future. We are the only nationwide coalition of black professionals with both Republican and Democratic members focused on criminal justice reform. The “2020 Approach” brings together stakeholders at all levels and both parties to address community concerns at the highest level. We are not a prescriptive or policy-making organization. Rather, we have identified six “20/20 Policy Focus Areas” that a complete justice plan or platform must include: racial profiling, excessive force, police militarization, pretrial detention, sentencing guidelines and barriers to reentry.

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